How To Use ChatGPT To Create Trivia Questions

March 28, 2024
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You found our blog on using ChatGPT to create trivia questions.

Are you planning to host a trivia night but are not sure where to get fresh, engaging questions? With ChatGPT you can create your own, the possibilities are endless! Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to use ChatGPT to create captivating trivia questions for your next event. Hosting Trivia has never been easier!

This is similar to our list of trivia question types (a must-read if you're using ChatGPT to help you create trivia questions) and our free list of 100 Trivia Questions & Answers (Medium/Hard Difficulty).

The blog covers:

  • how to prompt ChatGPT to create trivia questions
  • how to customize ChatGPT’s question & answer format
  • how to get ChatGPT to remember your preferred format
  • how to tailor the question difficulty and experiment with various types of questions

And off we go!

Step 1: Login

Begin by logging into ChatGPT, a versatile AI platform that can generate trivia questions on demand when prompted. Sign up for a free account if you haven't already, and log in to access the platform's features. Once logged in, you'll be greeted with an interface ready to assist you in crafting trivia questions.

Step 2: Select a Category

Before diving into question generation, decide on a category for your trivia questions. Whether it's "Animal Kingdom," "History," "Science," "Pop Culture," or anything else, choose a category that aligns with the interests of your participants. This will guide ChatGPT in generating relevant questions tailored to your event's theme.

Step 3: Prompt ChatGPT

Now it's time to prompt ChatGPT to generate trivia questions in your chosen category. Start a new chat and specify the number of questions you'd like to create. For example, you might request ChatGPT to produce 10 trivia questions related to the "Animal Kingdom."

Tip: When prompting ChatGPT, consider using a prompt like "Generate 10 trivia questions in a category called “Animal Kingdom” with answers." to guide its response effectively.

Step 4: Customize Question Format

Once ChatGPT delivers the questions, you can customize the formatting to your liking. Adjust the layout and presentation style of the responses to enhance readability and aesthetics. You can eliminate bullet points, reformat text, or organize questions in a way that suits your preferences just by prompting ChatGPT, and you can even prompt ChatGPT to remember a format by a special name once you’ve landed on the format you like!

Step 5: Adding Multiple Choice Options

You can enhance the trivia experience by adding multiple-choice options to each question. Some participants prefer multiple-choice questions as they provide structured answer choices. Generate multiple-choice options for each question, ensuring there's a mix of plausible and distractor options to challenge participants. You can Prompt Chat GPT to structure questions in a Multiple-choice format! Here’s an example prompt: “Re-generate the questions and this time add 4 multiple choice options after each answer”.

Step 6: Tailor Difficulty Levels

An important part of working with ChatGPT is to evaluate the difficulty of the generated questions and to adjust them as needed. If some questions are too easy or too challenging, you can prompt ChatGPT to create questions of varying difficulty levels. Provide feedback and examples to guide ChatGPT in producing questions that strike the right balance for your audience. Here’s an example prompt requesting questions of a higher caliber:  “Can you generate 10 harder Animal Kingdom questions?” Note how we specified for ChatGPT to keep the format the same to ensure consistency! This will help avoid any unnecessary reformats when not needed!

Step 7: Explore Different Question Formats

If you feel like you want to mix it up, feel free to experiment with different question formats to keep the trivia experience engaging and diverse! Move beyond standard identification questions and explore broader concepts or challenging inquiries. Encourage ChatGPT to generate questions in various formats, such as fill-in-the-blank, true or false, or open-ended questions to name a few! You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Step 8: Fact Check

ChatGPT is a great trivia question brainstorming partner…but it is not omnipotent, and it has been known to make factual errors on more than a few occasions. To avoid embarrassment, it is imperative that you fact check your trivia questions before you put them into use! Take our advice and do not underestimate the importance of fact-checking.


Congratulations! You've learned how to harness the power of ChatGPT to craft engaging trivia questions for your event. By following these steps, you can craft memorable and enjoyable experiences for your participants. Whether you're hosting pub trivia, a family game night, or team-building activity, ChatGPT will turbo charge your trivia question generating productivity! That said, even with ChatGPT, generating trivia questions is still a time-consuming process. If you're short on time and would rather just steal some great questions from us, check out our list of 100 Free Trivia Questions & Answers instead!