Our mission is to create experiences that bring friends, colleagues, and families closer together.

We build & deliver immersive virtual team building experiences.

Along the way, there are certain values that we will never forget.

It Starts With Diversity.

Diversity is the heart of creativity and the skeleton of a high-performing team. We actively look for Runaways of varying backgrounds, ideas, opinions, and thoughts.

Be The Person You Dreamed You Could Be.

Aspire to be great and you’ll find nothing but the support along the way.

Lead From Wherever You Are.

Every Runaway should feel empowered to provide an unforgettable experience for our clients. We are internally aligned, and we recognize each other for remarkable deeds.

The Runaway Experience.

Make the buying experience as fun and seamless as the activities we deliver.

We are Micro-Pessimists and Macro-Optimists.

We stress about the details and we don’t settle for “good enough”. This relentless pursuit of perfection combined with a “Why not?” attitude will define the products we create and the service we deliver.