5 of the Craziest Family Feud Answers Ever

February 22, 2023
Team Building

Throughout Family Feud's history, the pressure of being on-camera and put on the spot (combined with general cluelessness) has resulted in some exceedingly wacky responses to seemingly normal questions. Let's visit five of the craziest Family Feud answers of all-time.

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Naked Grandma

Let's start with perhaps the most famous — and definitely most ridiculous — "bad" answer in Family Feud history. We put "bad" in quotes because, while seemingly an awful answer, it actually made the board!

Steve Harvey asks the contestants to "Name something a burglar would not want to see when they break into a house." Without hesitation, like he had practiced for this moment his whole life, one humble contestant pounds the buzzer and hollers at the top of his lungs, "NAKED GRANDMA!"

All Steve could do was stare at him incredulously, while the other contestant hilariously remarks that he doesn't want to see that either. Poor Grandma.

Steve admits that, while the contestant was correct (since nobody wants to see that unless Sophia Loren is the Naked Grandma), there's absolutely no way it's going to be on the board. Steve's got a point — who but this one hoot of a gentleman would conclude a naked grandmother is a burglar's worst nightmare?

The Feud judges, that's who! They awarded our humble contestant 33 points, deeming a naked grandmother the house's "occupant." And of course, what burglar wants to meet the occupant of a house they're trying to rob? 

The look on Steve's face as the contestant loudly celebrates is one for the ages. He is absolutely questioning the sanity of each and every one of his judges. Still, score one for grandmamas who hate clothing! 


Original Feud host Richard Dawson was usually unflappable, providing deadpan snark in the face of the craziest answers. So to see him utterly break from such an answer was hilariously unthinkable.

Dawson kicked off Fast Money with the question, "At what month does a woman begin to look pregnant?" The contestant, taking the word "month" literally, blurted out "September." Poor Dawson broke out into giggles, then chuckles, then guffaws over this most misdirected of answers.

Not shockingly, "September" netted the contestant zero points. Onto Fast Money Part II, where Dawson could not ask the question without breaking out into endless fits of laughter. Dawson spent nearly three minutes chortling (at times dropping to his knees in tears of laughter) before he could continue. 

Then it happened again! Contestant #2 answered the question "Name a noisy bird" with "Cuckoo." Dawson again melted into a puddle of laughs, sending everything off the rails. When time expired a few seconds later, he simply yelled, "To Hell with that!" and let the contestant finish answering the questions. After all, it wasn't her fault she ran out of time. She didn't just spend an entire episode dying of laughter.

And no, "Cuckoo" did not score any points either. It did, however, score a place in our hearts. Right next to "September."

Santa Eating His Reindeer

This Christmas-themed question is memorable both for the answer, Steve Harvey's reaction, and how it was a great answer points-wise! 

Harvey asked the family, "In this bad economy, what might Santa Claus have to do to one of his reindeer?" Our holly-jolly contestant surmised Saint Nick might have to eat one of the reindeer! Apparently, milk and cookies are no longer affordable on a Santa salary.

This caused Harvey to do what he does best — launch into full-blown Ranting Stand-Up Comedian Mode. He starts jokingly admonishing the family for high-fiving the contestant, reminding them that there are kids watching. He then jumps into a VERY descriptive scenario of Santa slow-roasting Blitzen while all of the other reindeer quiver, urinate, and defecate in fear that they might be next. 

Then, to Steve's horror, the board actually awards 34 points for the answer! As the family celebrates, Harvey can only stare at the camera and utter "wow" with a defeated look on his face. Run run Rudolph. Run run far, far away.

401(k) Jelly

John O'Hurley's run as Family Feud host wasn't quite as ribald as Steve Harvey's take, but that doesn't mean O'Hurley didn't have his moments of abject sauciness.

O'Hurley asked the contestant to "Name a way you can make bathing a sexy experience." With two strikes on the board, a truly confused contestant answered "401(k) jelly." Yes, you read that right.

At first, O'Hurley didn't know what to make of the answer — it's one of those things you think you didn't hear because what you did hear makes no sense whatsoever. Once the contestant confirmed he indeed said "401(k) jelly" (helpfully defining it as "sex jelly,") O'Hurley ad-libbed one of his most clever lines: "I remember 401(k) being a retirement plan and not a jelly. But in a troubled economy, you go any way you can!"

What he could not do, however, was award any points for that…confused answer. Too bad. One ridiculous response about jelly and all this contestant's hopes of winning slipped right through his fingers.

Wife's Birthday/Tweety

Wrapping things up is a classic Fast Money round from Ray Combs, Richard Dawson's successor. 

This particular contestant offered two crazy answers in one go, both of which left Combs in stitches. The first question was "Name a birthday men dread the most." Rather than guessing an actual year, she went with "his wife's." Perhaps if wifey expects an extremely expensive gift, that might be something for hubby to get anxious about. 

But the ridiculous answer train doesn't stop there! Combs also asked the contestant to "name a type of bird that does not fly." Does she answer ostrich or penguin? Of course not, she says "Tweety Bird!" This prompts Combs, through giggle-fits, to unleash his best Tweety Bird impression, complete with "I tot I taw a puddy tat!" Note how we didn't say it was a good impression. Just that it was his best.

Our bird-tastic contestant received no points for Tweety, but actually snagged two points for "wife's birthday." Two survey-takers were definitely sleeping on the couch that night.

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