How It Works

➡️ Before your event, we’ll split your total group up into small teams of ~5 participants. Teams can be pre-assigned or randomized.

➡️ We’ll welcome everyone to the International Spy Academy at the start of the activity, and then we’ll quickly send the teams off to start their final examin their breakout rooms. Teams will be greeted in their cell by one of our Agents, who lead a short ice-breaker and then introduce the activity in detail. Teams will then have 60 minutes to complete their exam.

➡️ After the time’s up, we’ll close the breakout rooms and bring everyone back for a hilarious awards presentation where we’ll introduce the teams and announce the final grades!

Escape Spy Island is great for competitive teams that love logic and puzzle-solving activities.

🔴 Escape Spy Island is a browser-based activity and requires no downloads. We recommend that all participants join from a computer.

👪  Participants: Broken up into teams of up to 5 people. Teams will play in separate rooms at the same time.


by Chikako Omura

A fun and exciting game that challenges you with mini-games to tackle as a team. This game is for players that like to try various challenges and work as a team. Because the skills that were tested at each section are distinctively different, each member of your team will have something to contribute.

by Pranali Yawalkar

Amazing game, fun, good team bonding event. So impeccably well organized! Kudos

by Brandon Collins-Smoot

Cool escape room experience. would definitely do it again

by Robert Teigland

Our team from Pepperl+Fuchs had a blast during this teambuilding event. Great game design that requires the whole team to get involved! Can only recommend and am hoping for a sequel!

State Farm
Jake W.

What a fun event hosted by some lively characters! The puzzles were challenging, but not too hard. And the support of the staff was excellent! They really pulled out the stops to make sure our group had a good time! Thanks for a great session!

Laura D'Aquila

Runaway Games provided an extremely entertaining escape room experience for everyone to participate in no matter where in the world they are! We did the Escape Spy Island experience and would highly recommend!

Our Booking Policy

Reduce Participants up to 3 business days prior to your event

Full Refund

Reschedule up to 3 business days
prior to your event


Add Participants at any time
prior to your event


Reschedule within 3 business days
prior to your event

30% fee added to your final invoice

Reduce Participants within 3 business days
prior to your event

No Refund

Cancellation at anytime
prior to your event

No Refund

Frequently Asked Questions

What times are available to book your Hosted Activities?

Our activities are available for booking 24 hours a day / 7 days a week! While we have never turned a client down due to lack of availability, we do kindly ask that groups up to 30 participants give us at least 2 days’ notice, and groups of greater than 30 participants give us at least 1 weeks’ notice.

What video conferencing platforms do you support?

We support all of the “Big Four” platforms - Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex by Cisco. Don’t use one of those platforms? No problem. If we can download it and it has breakout rooms, we can use it :)

What languages do your Hosts speak?

We can assign you Hosts that speak English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Bahasa Melayu/Indonesia, Spanish, Russian, Polish, or Ukrainian!If you would like a non-English speaking host, you can request this at the checkout page. However, please do note that all of our game content is currently only available in English and Spanish.

What are the payment terms for your Hosted Activities?

We operate on a two invoice model. To confirm your activity, you will pay a 30% deposit of the total amount up-front. Then, we will issue you an invoice to pay the remaining balance after the activity is completed. Have additional participants joining last minute? No worries! We will add those participants to the final invoice.

I booked my activity but it looks like LESS participants than I expected will turn up! Can I get a refund?

As long as you let us know at least 72 hours before your activity how many participants you’ll be expecting, we’ll be happy to refund you the deposit difference if that number is lower than what you originally expected! However, within 72 hours we will lock in the minimum number of participants as we also need to schedule our Hosts and can’t cancel on them at the last minute.

I booked my activity and it looks like MORE participants than I expected will turn up! What should I do?

Awesome, it’s going to be even more fun! You can add as many participants as you’d like, even at the last minute! If you can give us a heads up at least an hour or two before the activity starts, then we’ll also be able to add more Hosts to cater to your larger group. We have over 100 Hosts on staff, so this is no problem for us!